PHB Ethical Beauty All in One Mascara Review

This mascara is a tough cookie! I’ve worn it all day for a week, and it’s not smudged once. And three out of seven days, it was absolutely chucking it down! PHB Ethical Beauty All in One Mascara lives up to the hype. It’s a resilient mascara, with almost fully recyclable packaging.

PHB All In One Mascara

About PHB All In One Mascara

This mascara is 100% vegan, with eco-friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable, aside from the top and wand. It is cruelty-free, halal-free, ethically sourced and contains organic ingredients. If that’s not enough, 20% of the profits from its sale go to charity.

This mascara is award-winning: Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016 and The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2017 and is advertised as lengthening, thickening and volumizing. In addition, it is pH balanced for sensitive eyes and made with botanical oils to protect, lengthen, and strengthen lashes. Finally, they claim it has smudge and flake-free properties and is water-resistant.


The wand size is medium-large, compared to other mascaras I’ve used. It is a bit bigger than I’m used to but isn’t presenting many problems. It is easy to apply, however, as with many natural mascaras you may need more than one coat if you want the ‘fuller’ look more synthetic mascaras offer. It lengthens well as advertised and gives a full volumizing look. It is also thickening, as described by the seller, but this is essentially the same thing as volumizing.

PHB All In One Mascara Wand

It dries very quickly. I touched my eyes five minutes later and none came off. It is smudge resistant, as I’ve worn it for a week and it’s not come off once, even in heavy rain. The only time it did smudge below the eye was when I wore it during sleep and woke up to find it smudged. As this was due to eye-touching whilst asleep I’m not sure this even counts?! As for flaking, it does a tiny bit, but nothing noticeable. 

Wearing one coat of PHB mascara

My eyes did not feel irritated with this mascara; as they can with some non-natural cosmetic brands; so it would be excellent for someone with sensitive eyes. In addition, I wear contact lenses and had no problem wearing them alongside this mascara. Even once putting them in AFTER mascara application! This happened with minimal tearing and no smudging. 

PHB All In One Mascara is difficult to remove only because I’m unorganised and haven’t got my removal supplies (cotton wool wiping pads) and have instead been using baby wipes! I usually use coconut oil and cotton pads to remove my make-up, as I’m not only utilising a skin-friendly, natural, ethical product but I’m moisturising my skin too. I advise you not to use this in the morning on hot days though, as it’s an oil, so may cause sunburn!

With other non-natural mascaras I have used, I always wipe the wand on the ridged area of the top of the container. There is too much excess mascara otherwise and it can go clumpy. With this mascara, however, when I do this there isn’t enough to apply as I like it, so I add a wipe less thoroughly or add a few coats. This is a personal preference though.

I asked my partner and he said he likes it, but he can’t tell the difference between mascaras! Someone else may not tell unless your eyelashes were clumpy or non-existent. But you can tell when you wear it yourself.

The Final Verdict

I’m a picky so-and-so when it comes to make-up. I decide I like a certain brand or product and tend to stick with it. I never bought anything other than a very well-known brand of eyeliner for years, for instance! However, this mascara does stand out. The wand is bigger than I’m used to, but I quite like it. It just takes time to ensure you don’t misjudge your application and end up poking yourself in the eye. I like that this mascara is easy on the eyes! I’ve not been watering at all, whereas I have with more synthetic brands. Overall, I’m very pleased with this product and would recommend it. 

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