INCLUSEV’s Concentrated Powder Formulas: A Thorough Review

Everyone wants to use beauty products that are effective and also match their values. INCLUSEV meet this standard. They prioritise using natural, organic ingredients and encourage self-care via eco-friendly products. They provide a variety of personal care products which are non-toxic and mild on the skin.

This brand’s philosophy attracted me, and I chose some products to try for myself. In this review, I will share my experience with INCLUSEV Bodywash, Facewash, Handwash and Shampoo. I will discuss their ingredients, alongside the efficiency and sustainability of each product. My review aims to assist you in making an informed choice about whether INCLUSEV products are suitable for you.

Inclusev powdered washes and shampoo


Launched in 2021, INCLUSEV are a new UK beauty brand. They specialise in producing waterless, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable beauty products. INCLUSEV aim to break beauty boundaries, both in our lives, and in our world. Their objective is to create products which nurture our skin, hair, hands, and body, using the best and most effective ingredients.

Their distinctive ADD AQUA collection (which I will be reviewing), could revolutionise the beauty industry, by using concentrated powder blends, thereby eliminating waste.

Each powder-to-foam formula is made without water, with each bottle providing 4x the number of washes as would a liquid product of the same size. ADD AQUA products use 100% active ingredients. Compared to the usual liquid products, which are often composed of 80% water-based ingredients and 20% active ingredients.

INCLUSEV aim to redefine beauty and, hopefully, the world. They consider themselves a waterless, genderless, and fearless beauty brand with the aims of sustainability, inclusivity, and honesty at the centre of what they do. They use 100% plant-based, natural ingredients, which are free from: water, sulphates, phthalates, fillers, synthetic fragrances and colours, parabens and animal-derived or tested ingredients. 

All ADD AQUA products are produced in small batches, to ensure freshness and quality. 

There are also packaged (in their entirety) in biopolymer bottles. This is made using 100% sustainable sugarcane fibre and it is widely recyclable. Meaning these products are great for your skin, hair, body, and the planet. 

INCLUSEV product reviews

INCLUSEV Handwash Review

Inclusev powdered hand wash

You feel like you’re really treating your hands when you use this product. It contains zero toxic chemicals, so you know you’re looking after your skin. The light scent of coriander, lemongrass and Teatree oil is pleasant without being over-facing. It is easy to use, simply rinse your hands under the tap, add approximately half a capful to your hands and rub them together to produce a generous lather.

I would recommend this product to others, were it not for the price. At £11 for a 25g bottle, or £20 for a 50g bottle, it’s seriously expensive. But you get what you pay for; it leaves your skin feeling soothed and the non-toxic ingredients mean you know your skin is being nourished.

INCLUSEV Facewash Review

Inclusev powdered facewash

I’d say you need just half a capful of this powder to feel like your face is properly washed. The clary sage, lavender and rose scent produces a simultaneously refreshing and relaxing effect. This powder wakes your face up ready for the day and calms you down ready for sleep.

I would recommend it to others, but it is also expensive, with no reduction for buying a larger quantity, at: £12 for 25g and £24 for 50g. It depends on what you value more in a face wash, a quality product, or a cheaper product.

INCLUSEV Bodywash Review

This product is available in both 25g and 50g bottles. Having tried various amounts, I find half a capful for each limb and a full cap for your torso and a full cap for your back is okay, but it doesn’t feel like it has as much coverage as more commercial body washes. So, if you want a soapier feel you should double this.

The Cedarwood, Lavender and Frankincense scent reminds me a little of potpourri, and I’m not keen on lavender personally, but it’s not overly potent so isn’t off-putting. The product is also easy to use. Simply rinse your body in the shower or bath and add the powder, rubbing to create a rich lather.

Overall, I feel the product is quite expensive for what it is because you need to use so much to feel properly clean that it feels wasteful. However, using any less does not feel sufficient. Whether this is because we are so used to more commercial soaps and shower gels, I’m not entirely sure, but it is difficult to feel clean unless you use at least a capful on each limb and 2 each on your torso and back. I would personally not recommend this product, due to the price for the amount you need to feel clean. 

INCLUSEV Shampoo Review

This product also comes in a 25g or 50g bottle. I would say you need to use between 1-3 capfuls to feel like your hair is clean. 1 capful is sufficient for short hair, 2 for medium-length hair and 3 for long hair. My hair is long, and I felt best using 3 capfuls, but 2 is perfectly fine, and it may be because I’m so used to conventional shampoos that foam massively, that I preferred the extra foaming provided with 3 capfuls. This shampoo contains grapefruit, ylang-ylang, clove and orange extracts. The scent of the shampoo is my favourite scent of all 4 products owing to the citrus notes.

I would recommend this product as a one-time purchase, but it feels too expensive to buy for everyday use unless you’re a high-earner or want to spend more on personal care products. It’s £12 for a 25g bottle and £22 for a 50g bottle. Having said that, it is lovely to wash your hair and feel like you’re not bathing in toxic chemicals.


Made in Britain, INCLUSEV products are home-grown to me, and it’s nice to try local skincare and beauty products. I was impressed with the range overall and recommend these products to a person interested in paying more for eco-friendly, cruelty-free products which are kind on your skin.

My favourite product was the shampoo, with its citrus notes. I feel like you get more value for money than with the facewash, handwash and bodywash because you use the shampoo every 2-4 days, so it stretches further. An important factor given the cost of these products. However, all 4 products are of premium quality and, provided you’re willing to pay a little extra, they are a worthwhile purchase.

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