House of Balm Tousled Natural Dry Shampoo – Review

Tousled natural dry shampoo

I hate washing my hair often as it’s long, difficult to manage and takes time to get it in order. So I will do anything I can to prolong the freshness of my hair and that includes using special shampoos for oily hair and dry shampoo.

When it comes to natural dry shampoos, I am currently exploring different brands to see which one is better. Previously, I’ve tried Tabitha James Kraan Organic Dry Shampoo and while it was fine, it didn’t totally impress me. Now, I’ve decided to try Tousled Natural Dry Shampoo from House of Balm which I picked last month as a LoveLula Accredited Blogger*. So what did I think of it, did it impress me? Read on to find out…


I love that Tousled Natural Dry Shampoo contains only natural ingredients, nothing artificial. Some of the ingredients are also organic which is another plus but the product itself is not certified organic. There are no animal-derived ingredients in this natural dry shampoo which makes it suitable for vegans. None of the ingredients is harmful to the environment.

  • Organic arrowroot powder – absorbs excess oil, making hair softer and smoother.
  • Kaolin clay – absorbs excess oil and odours and promotes shine.
  • Rice powder – sucks up any oil or grime in the hair.
  • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) – absorbs excess oil and any odour.
  • Corn starch – absorbs the oil.
  • Oatmeal powder – oil absorber
  • Rosmarinus officinallis (rosemary) oil – improves circulation and may prevent hair loss and dandruff.
  • Pinus officinallis (scotch pine) oil
  • Organic essential oil of rose geranium
  • Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) oil
  • Palmarosa

Various essential oils added to this dry shampoo create a lovely, fresh scent which lingers in the hair after you’ve applied the powder.


The tub is made of cardboard with the lid and bottom bit being plastic. The plastic is recyclable.

EDIT: The packaging has now been updated with a new design and the shaker is completely plastic free.

I first thought it was all plastic but after taking the lid off I saw it was cardboard inside.

I really like the dispenser on top which gives you three options (three types of holes) so you can choose whichever you like, depending on how much powder you want to get out of the tub (see the picture below).

Tousled dry shampoo dispenser

How to use

You can sprinkle the powder directly onto your hair or put it on your hand first and then work it into your hair. Try both methods and see which one works for you better. I use both, depending on where I apply the powder. When I apply it in the middle of my scalp I sprinkle the powder directly onto the hair. For the sides and the back of my head, I put the powder onto my hand first and then work it into the hair. You could also sprinkle the powder onto your hairbrush and apply it that way.

Tousley dry shampoo powder

Once the dry shampoo is in your hair, don’t brush your hair straight away. It’s best to wait for least 5 minutes (if you can) to give the powder time to work its magic and absorb extra oils.

When sprinkling the dry shampoo on your hair, some of it may end up on the floor so it’s best you lean over the bathtub or sink when you are sprinkling it on. And when you are brushing your hair, do the same and at the end, you just have to rinse off whatever accidentally fell down. This just saves you a bit of time cleaning up afterwards.

My review

What I really like about Tousled Natural Dry Shampoo is its scent. It’s so lovely, fresh and slightly citrusy. I also like that it adds a nice volume to my fine hair.

The powder is quite fine and I think it’s finer than Tabitha James Kraan’s dry shampoo. Once applied onto the scalp it doesn’t feel gritty at all.

The powder works to remove some of the oil but not all of it. My hair looks much better after applying it but it doesn’t feel clean (my hair gets really greasy). There is still some greasiness that I can feel but the greasy shine is almost gone. Maybe I should leave the powder in the hair for longer so that it absorbs more of the oils? Although I will see whether I will have time or patience for this. Another thing is, maybe I don’t apply enough so I will try and I apply more next time to see if I get better results.

The good thing is when I use this dry shampoo, I don’t have to wash my hair for another day or two which is essentially what I wanted. So it is working for me although my hair doesn’t really feel that clean but it’s more important to me how it looks I guess. And it does look better.

So far I haven’t found a natural dry shampoo which would make my hair feel clean and I wonder whether it actually exists. But for now, I can say that I much prefer Tousled Natural Dry Shampoo than the one from Tabitha James Kraan.

Have you tried any natural dry shampoos yet and which one is your favourite?

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* Being a LoveLula blogger enables me to test beauty products of my choice every month free of charge. My reviews are honest and unbiased.

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  1. It sounds really good. I have long hair as well and I sometimes use dry shampoo, the one that sprays onto the hair. But this sounds like a more eco-friendly choice, so I might try after I finish the one that I have now. Great review!

    1. It’s worth trying as it does refreshen the hair but I want to try other natural dry shampoos as well to see if I can find anything better.

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