From Cracked to Cured: My Experience with The Ilex Wood Calendula Salve

Imagine having fingertips so cracked and dry that they bleed; incredibly painful at every unintentional bump or even while typing! This is what happens to me every winter. This time, I tried the lighter version of Weleda Skin Food first, which I already had at home, but it didn’t help much with this problem.

Discovering the Ilex Wood Calendula Salve

So, I started looking online for something stronger and found a small brand called Ilex Wood and their multi-purpose Calendula Salve. If you’re looking for the best product to heal your cracked and bleeding fingertips, this might be just what you need (this is more like a balm than a cream though). Here’s how it worked for me and what I really thought about the Ilex Wood Calendula Salve.

The Ilex Wood Calendula Salve

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My Experience

I ordered the Ilex Wood Calendula Salve from Amazon and began using it immediately. My skin felt soothed and less tight as soon as I applied it. Given the depth of the cracks in my fingertips, I knew they wouldn’t heal overnight. While I didn’t expect the Calendula Salve to work miracles, I was pleasantly surprised by the quick relief.

Within just a day or two, the cracks no longer hurt when touched or when I bumped into objects. I could actually see the healing process start, which was truly amazing! I’ve been applying the balm multiple times a day. It’s been effective even though I frequently wash dishes without gloves and get my hands wet often.

My cracked fingertips before I started applying the salve
My fingertips starting to heal after a few days of use

Consistency in Use

So, this is how I managed to heal my poor cracked fingertips—by applying the salve regularly, multiple times a day. Despite my fingertips cracking again a few times, I quickly applied the Calendula Salve as soon as any new cracks appeared. Each time, they healed up quickly. This product truly works wonders!

Versatility of the Salve

The Ilex Wood Calendula Salve is not just effective for cracked fingertips—it works wonders on any type of skin dryness. I’ve also used it on other parts of my body where the skin was itchy and dry. The salve soothes these areas immediately and creates a protective barrier that helps keep the skin from drying out further.

I really appreciate that this balm can be used on a variety of skin issues, including eczema, rashes, insect bites, and mild burns. I even used it on my child’s skin irritations and he tolerated it perfectly fine, so yes, I would say it’s also suitable for sensitive skin.

the texture

What’s Inside and Why It Works

The Ilex Wood Calendula Salve is packed with all-natural ingredients that are great for the skin:

  • Calendula: Known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties, it’s great for soothing insect bites and calming irritated skin.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: This oil is full of Vitamin E, which hydrates the skin and helps protect it from drying out.
  • Beeswax: Creates a barrier on the skin that locks in moisture and keeps out irritants, helping your skin stay smooth and hydrated.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Not only does it smell good, but it also helps reduce redness and itchiness.

These ingredients work together to moisturize, protect, and heal, making the salve a go-to for various skin issues.

Any downsides?

This salve is amazing and truly effective for various skin issues, but it does have a couple of minor downsides. First, it’s a bit greasy and doesn’t absorb as quickly as some might prefer. This is typical for a balm, so it’s somewhat expected. However, if you need something that absorbs fast because you’re constantly using your hands, this might not be the best choice for daytime use. Instead, it’s perfect for night-time application when you won’t be using your hands much. Despite this, I still think it’s fantastic and definitely recommend giving it a try. You can get it from Amazon or directly from the brand’s website.

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