In the spotlight: Organic Haircare from Tabitha James Kraan (Review)

tabitha james kraan organic hair care products

Tabitha James Kraan is a luxurious British brand with a focus on natural and organic hair care. They use the purest and the most natural ingredients in their hair care products which really excites me as this is what I am really passionate about.

I haven’t come across any other natural haircare brand which would make as pure products as Tabitha James Kraan do so they are indeed something really special. No wonder they won multiple awards.

So far I managed to try three of their haircare products and here is what I thought…

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Organic 4 in 1 Conditioner | Golden Citrus

This is such a lovely product. I love the natural scent which is a bit strong but really pleasant. The product contains essential oils of neroli, tangerine, bergamot and myrrh which all contribute towards this lovely scent.

This Golden Citrus 4 in 1 conditioner contains a range of oils to smooth and nourish your hair, especially the ends. Argan oil, rosehip oil and coconut oil all work together to revive your hair and make them softer and smoother.

I love using this product on wet hair – I focus on my ends as these tend to get damaged easily and can feel quite dry at times. Doing this helps me to protect my hair while blow drying and prevents any further damage from happening. This is my favourite way of using this product but you could also use it as a traditional conditioner, styling aid or a scalp moisturiser.

Tabitha James Kraan Organic Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo from Tabitha James Kraan smells lovely as well. It has this lemony scent which makes using it a great pleasure. The ingredients it contains will help to balance oil production and soothe the scalp. There are two versions available: one for fair hair and one for dark hair. I’ve tried the one for fair hair.

I’ve used the typical dry shampoos before but this one is all-natural dry shampoo and completely different. To start with, it doesn’t come in a high-pressure bottle that works as a spray. The light powder comes in a tall container that has small holes on top so to use it you have to turn the product upside down and sprinkle it into the hair. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the powder on your hands and then work it into your hair where needed.

organic dry shampoo tabitha james kraan

Tabitha James Kraan have actually produced a video to show you how to use it properly. I wish I had seen that before as I don’t think I’ve been using it the way I should! Take a look at this video below:

It’s worth mentioning that Tabitha James Kraan also have a compact version of their organic dry shampoo which you can actually spray into the hair. I think I would prefer this but because it’s only a small bottle it probably wouldn’t last for very long.

Overall, this natural dry shampoo is not bad at all. It does make my hair look better and definitely adds volume but my hair doesn’t feel clean. Of course, it wouldn’t as it’s a greasy mess but at least it doesn’t look bad after I’ve used this dry shampoo! Just to keep in mind that you may not be able to get all the powder brushed out of your hair completely so it may feel a bit grainy in places where you missed it.

Organic hair cleanser | Golden citrus

Organic hair cleanser from Tabitha James Kraan is my least favourite product out of all that I’ve tried. I’ve used it a couple of times but it just doesn’t work for me. It’s not like a normal shampoo, not at all. It doesn’t foam much and in the end, my hair doesn’t feel like it’s been cleaned properly. It’s designed so that it doesn’t strip hair of natural moisture – its natural ingredients will nourish your hair and deliver a nice shine.

This cleanser is made with 86% certified organic ingredients and contains a mixture of natural oils such as argan oil, coconut oil and various essential oils. The formula is supposed to balance any hair or scalp condition and on the packaging, it states that ‘prolonged use will require less product as the rebalancing occurs.’

I totally understand that this organic cleanser is not a shampoo and works totally different but I have greasy hair which needs a proper clean and unfortunately this cleanser doesn’t work very well for my type of hair. Yes, my hair would feel nice, soft and shiny after cleansing, but it would go back to greasiness very very quickly. I have a feeling that oils that are left in the hair weigh the hair down, making it go greasy quicker. Maybe if I use it all the time, my hair will rebalance naturally over time and I will feel better about it, but not sure. It’s a good thing I only have a small bottle of this product which shouldn’t last for long anyway.

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4 thoughts on “In the spotlight: Organic Haircare from Tabitha James Kraan (Review)”

  1. I am in search of some good natural hair products as well. I am just using what I have left of my none natural products until I find some good ones!
    this dry shampoo sounds interesting but I like for my hair to feel clean after using a dry shampoo!

    1. To be honest I don’t think there is any dry shampoos out there which would make your hair feel in the same way as if it’s just been washed. It’s a dry ‘shampoo’ at the end of the day and won’t really clean your hair properly, but it will make it LOOK better.

    2. Columba Palumbus

      Hi Naghmeh,

      Have you tried ‘Jason’ shampoo or conditioner ? I’ve tried a few of theirs and the Sea Kelp range is my favourite by far and the only one I use at present – and also their most natural one (there are still a few ingredients I don’t like in their other ranges, however they’re good compared to most ‘so called natural’ products…. I suggest researching all ingredients on the ‘EWG Skindeep’ website).

      Fushi and Handmade Naturals both do very natural haircare products without ‘nasties’ in too 🙂 Depends what suits your hair of course (they weren’t quite right for mine. Of those two, I found the HN ones more effective, for my very challenging hair, but the Fushi ones smell amaaaazing and for people with hair that is in decent condition may work well %-) ).

      Thanks for the review on this page Petra, I like the sound of the 4-in-1 conditioner as a leave in product. Currently using Sante styling gel…but looking for something more nourishing and protecting :). I found your website via your Borlind sun cream review – Have you tried Dr Mercola suncream ? That’s the one I use, due tohow natural it is (although wish it were a little less thick to apply).

      1. I haven’t tried Dr. Mercola suncream yet as I am not sure whether I can get it in the UK but I will keep it in mind for the future, thanks for your suggestion.

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