Odylique Timeless Rose Moisturiser Review

Odylique Timeless Rose moisturiser

Over the years I have tried several different natural moisturisers and Odylique’s Timeless Rose Moisturiser joins my favourites. What I really love about this moisturiser is that it can be used in two ways: either as a face moisturiser or as an eye cream. I actually bought it to use it as an eye cream and not a moisturiser, but now I came to a conclusion that this would make a great light moisturiser for spring and summer months. I’ve just finished a bottle of it and I am planning to repurchase this product very soon.

About Odylique

Odylique is a brand which I only learnt about last year and I’ve been really impressed with their products. So far I have tested their Superfruit Concentrate (which I totally adore by the way) and their SPF30 sun cream which you will find reviewed in this post.

Although I only discovered Odylique last year, they are not a new brand, they’ve been actually making natural skincare products for over 30 years ago. The company is family-run and all their products are hand-made in Suffolk, UK. This is to ensure the highest level of product quality and freshness.

Here is why Odylique is such a special brand:

  • Their products are free from synthetic chemicals
  • They are certified organic by Soil Association
  • They focus on sensitive skin (they avoid all synthetic chemical irritants and possible allergens like artificial fragrance plus they exclude wheat, dairy and soy derivatives, salicylic acid, peanut oil, tree nut oils)
  • Their products are tested on a panel of human volunteers who have sensitive and allergy-prone skin
  • They never test on animals

Odylique Timeless Rose Moisturiser Review

Odylique’s Timeless Rose Moisturiser is a luxurious, antioxidant day cream with soothing and regenerative organic rose. It’s a light but creamy moisturiser with a scent of rose which itself is lovely and not too overpowering. As it’s light it’s really easy to spread onto the skin and you don’t need to use a lot in one application. A little goes a long way.

The moisturiser is great for skin prone to redness and breakouts as it will calm and soothe the skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin moisturised and soft. Your skin won’t feel greasy after use. This makes it a great base for make-up. It’s suitable for all skin types, including mature, but if your skin is very dry, then Odylique Avocado 24-hour Replenishing Cream may be more suitable.

I’ve been mostly using it as an eye cream but on occasions also as a moisturiser. My combination skin loved it.

An antioxidant, vitamin and mineral powerpack for all skin types especially mature, sensitive and rosacea-prone. Soothes and promotes even skin tone, firmness and reduces signs of ageing. (Margaret, the founder)

the texture of Rose Moisturiser on my hand


The moisturiser is 100% natural and made with 94.14% organic ingredients. In the product you will find the following:

  • aloe vera juice
  • rose flower water
  • jojoba oil
  • coconut oil
  • raw Fairtrade shea butter
  • cold-pressed sunflower oil
  • rosehip
  • rosemary
  • sea buckthorn
  • non-palm plant glycerine
  • essential oils of geranium & rose
  • plant origin moisturisers & emulsifiers

The product does not contain any ingredients sourced from animals so it’s suitable for vegans as well.

I think this is such an amazing moisturiser, it’s so natural and I just love the ingredients’ list, nothing to dispute!

If you are on the lookout for a new natural moisturiser I highly recommend Odylique Timeless Rose Moisturiser. I will no doubt purchase this product again. 

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