Eco Cosmetics SPF 50 Sun Milk – Review

I’ve been using natural sun creams for years but still, have not managed to find a good natural sunblock with SPF50. Not until now. This year, while browsing LoveLula, I discovered Eco Cosmetics Sun Milk with SPF50 and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it although I couldn’t find any reviews online. So I’ve ordered it (as part of LoveLula Accredited Blogger Program*) with mixed feelings as so far, all the natural SPF50 sunscreens that I’ve tried have disappointed me.

Because of my previous experience, I didn’t have high hopes when Sun Milk SPF50 from Eco Cosmetics arrived in the post and was expecting to be disappointed. But, actually, I wasn’t. Not at all and now I am really happy that I discovered Eco Cosmetics. I will tell you why in a minute.

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So why is it so difficult to find a good natural sunscreen with SPF50?

The main reason why finding a good natural sunscreen with SP50 is like mission impossible is because these sunscreens are made with mineral UV filters. And here lies the problem. These filters sit on top of your skin and naturally block harmful sun rays but they are white. And when you apply the sunscreen onto your skin, it will leave a white cast behind which in many cases is impossible to get rid of.

Some people don’t mind that, especially if they are already very pale and on children may even look fine or maybe not, but they are children so who cares, as long as they are protected well, right? But, for us adults, looking like Casper on a beach may not be appealing.

The mineral sunscreens with SPF50 that I’ve tried in the past have all left me looking pretty white although they protected me very well in the strongest sun of the summer. To make myself a little bit more presentable I would apply mineral foundation on my face after applying the SPF50 sunblock. This would make me look pretty much normal although the rest of my body would look really pale. But as long as my face would look good, I didn’t mind. However, that didn’t stop me from keeping an eye on any new natural SPF50 options that come on the market.

Just for your information, here are the SPF50 sunscreens that I’ve tried in the past but were not the best:

Eco Cosmetics SPF50 Sun Milk Review

In summary, Eco Cosmetics SPF 50 Sun Milk has the following benefits and advantages:

  • 100% natural origin
  • UVA and UVB protection
  • certified natural and organic by ECOCERT
  • suitable for vegans and not tested on animals
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • water resistant
  • contains no nanoparticles
  • alcohol-free
  • coral-reef friendly
  • contains antioxidants and moisturising ingredients to protect skin from free radicals and prevent skin dryness

This sunscreen definitely ticks all the right boxes, doesn’t it? But how does it perform and does it leave any whiteness?

First of all, just to mention that this sunscreen is not very thick, I guess that’s why it’s called Sun Milk! It’s easy to apply and work into the skin. After a bit of rubbing, the whiteness almost disappears but it’s totally acceptable. After applying this sun milk, my skin is almost the same colour (after proper rubbing in) and it’s only slightly lighter. It’s so much better than any natural SPF50 that I’ve tried previously. I love it!

Eco Cosmetics Sun Milk SPF50

When applied on my face, the slight whiteness is a little bit more visible (initially) due to darker skin tone but it’s not too bad and I can almost get rid of it. I can still wear this sunblock on my face without worrying that I may look a bit strange. However, I did apply a natural foundation on top a few times when I was on holiday to make things a bit more even. But I am totally comfortable wearing this sunscreen on a beach without the foundation on top.

Eco Cosmetics Sun Milk SPF50 texture

SPF50 eco cosmetics sun milk on my hand

my hand after applying the Eco Cosmetics Sun Milk
My hand after applying the Eco Cosmetics Sun Milk – as you can see, it doesn’t look particularly white, does it? I’ve spread it to my arm as well as it was too much for my hand only.

I must say, this sun milk works really well for me as my complexion is not that dark but I wouldn’t say I am very pale. I have pretty light complexion though. If your skin is darker than mine, I cannot say how Eco Cosmetics’ Sun Milk would look on you. But it’s worth trying I think. In the worst-case scenario, you use it on your children or give it to somebody.

I tested this sun milk in temperatures 30-35 degrees Celsius and I felt very well protected in the worst heat of the day (although I made sure I was in the shade as much as possible). I’ve experienced no burns whatsoever but I made sure I reapplied regularly.

During my two-week holiday in Slovenia, I used this sunblock on my face every single day and during this time I experienced no breakouts at all so it’s safe to say this sunscreen won’t cause breakouts (my skin is combination type, prone to breakouts).

Eco Cosmetics SPF 50 Sun Milk comes in a small 75ml tube which makes it perfect for travelling. I don’t know why but it’s a little bit difficult to squeeze the product out of the tube, which I think it’s the only negative of this product. Not a deal-breaker though.

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