Organic body lotions from Neal’s Yard Remedies – Review

organic body lotions from Neal's Yard Remedies

In the colder months of the year, we all look at our skincare routine and see what nourishing skincare products we should stock up on to try and prevent dry skin conditions which are more common in colder weather. Although it doesn’t harm introducing new body care products in warmer months as well if you fancy it.

When it comes to body care I have several different organic and natural products I turn to when my skin needs a bit more attention. Organic body lotions from Neal’s Yard Remedies are just some of the body products I use. I’ve had them for a while actually and they came for free in one of the magazines. It’s a good thing that they can stay open for up to a year as I’ve been using them for a while now!

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If you are a regular reader you know that Neal’s Yard Remedies are a brand which I’ve been a fan of for a long time. In the past I’ve tried several of their products such as Nourishing Orange Flower Toner, Purifying Palmarosa Facial PolishRejuvenating Frankincense Toner and Geranium & Orange Hand Cream, just to mention a few. I am actually still using their facial polish which I love and recommend.

When it comes to their organic body lotions, I’ve tried two of them: Geranium & Orange Body Lotion and Bee Lovely Body Lotion.

I really love their Bee Lovely body lotion. It has an amazing citrusy smell which is just divine. The one I got in the magazine came in a 100ml tub but I cannot find this exact product online – instead, you will find this lotion in a big blue bottle of 295ml which comes with a pump. The formula is the same though so your skin will still be nourished from moisturising organic honey blended with organic orange and mandarin essential oils.

I found both lotions light and easy to spread with no greasiness felt afterwards. I’ve been using them mostly on my legs, after shaving, and for this purpose, they work great. I would just mention that Bee Lovely lotion did cause slight stinging after applying it on freshly shaved legs. I didn’t have the same issue with Geranium & Orange Body lotion.

Both lotions are certified organic by The Soil Association and you won’t find any potentially harmful ingredients in them such as parabens, mineral oils, glycols, synthetic colours and fragrances, etc.

If you prefer flowery scents then Geranium & Orange body lotion is for you. The geranium smell is definitely dominating the orange one in this product.

So which one do I prefer? Bee Lovely body lotion is definitely my favourite and that’s just because of its divine scent. But I also love the fact that by buying this product you are helping to save the bees. I also own Bee Lovely hand cream (which I love) and there are also other products in Neal’s Yard’s Bee Lovely collection worth considering.

What is your favourite body lotion? Have you tried any body lotions from Neal’s Yard Remedies yet?

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