Green People: Scent-free Facial Sun Cream SPF30 review

Green People facial sun cream SPF 30

I’ve heard good things about Green People’s Facial Sun Cream, SPF30 and that’s the main reason why I decided to buy it. I also read somewhere that it doesn’t leave a white cast behind which was an issue with some of the natural sunscreens I tried in the past. Well, it wasn’t an issue so much for me, it was more something my fiance had a problem with as his skin is darker than mine. When I bought this natural sun cream I thought it would be perfect for him, but well, what can I do if he doesn’t even want to use it and he’d rather use some SPF15 face moisturiser from Sainsbury’s?? Guys, eh?

Anyway, I think this Green People’s sun cream is great. It’s non-greasy, easy to apply and once you massage it well the whiteness totally disappears. It protects you from both UVA & UVB rays and at the same time, it moisturises your skin while trying to prevent premature ageing.

Its anti-ageing benefits come from high levels of anti-oxidants from Edelweiss, Green Tea and Avocado.

78% of ingredients in the cream are organic and there are no nasties such as parabens, SLS/SLEs, glycols, pore-blocking aluminium, etc. You won’t find alcohol denat in this cream either.

This sun cream is scent-free which makes it suitable for both women and men. It’s also non-irritating, great for those with sensitive skin.

It absorbs really well so you can easily apply make-up afterwards.

Finally, one big plus: it doesn’t make skin break out which is quite important to me as I have combination skin, prone to breakouts.

So far I’ve only used Green People’s Facial Sun Cream in the UK and it seemed to have protected my skin well. As with any other sunscreen, you have to use it correctly to ensure you don’t burn in the sun. That means you have to apply generously over the entire face at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Remember to reapply every 2 hours. Also, avoid the worst heat if you can (12 – 4 pm) and stay in the shade where possible.

This facial sun cream comes in a 50ml bottle with a pump which makes it great for travelling. It costs £16.50 and if you buy it on Green People’s website, you won’t get charged for the delivery. Remember to use the code HEALTHY15 to get 15% off discount as well.

If you are looking for a new natural sunscreen also check some other natural sunscreens that I’ve tried in the past.

Do you use a special sunscreen for your face? What is your favourite natural sunscreen?

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  1. I really love Green People products. I use the Vitamin Fix daily, but haven’t tried this one yet.

    1. Green People have some great products, I definitely recommend this facial sun cream.

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