Green People: Anti-Ageing Facial Oil Review

Green People Anti-ageing facial oil

I am a massive fan of facial oils as they really make a big difference to my skin and the way it looks. They are the most natural thing you could apply to your face as they don’t contain harmful ingredients you will find in the high-street face moisturisers. Although they seem expensive, they last for ages as you don’t need to apply much. Just in case you wondered, they are suitable even for oily skin as they help to regulate sebum production.

I have combination skin with areas on my face prone to dryness but this winter it’s actually the first time I am not getting any dryness on my cheeks or some other areas where my skin would feel a bit dry normally every winter. And this is all due to the facial oils I’ve been using!

One of the facial oils I currently own is Anti-Ageing Facial Oil from Green People which is certified organic by The Soil Association and it’s also vegan approved, carrying the vegan logo on its packaging.

This facial oil is suitable for all skin types and it suits my combination skin well, never had any issues with it. It certainly doesn’t clog the pores and cause breakouts. I love applying it on my face especially on cold mornings, just before I cycle to work because it’s really nourishing. Once you’ve applied it, it forms a protective layer so that your skin is protected really well from the cold.

For those of you with sensitive skin, this oil is apparently ideal for it; it’s also suitable for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.

The oil is light and pretty quick to absorb, which I love as I can apply my make-up almost straight-away after I have applied it.

It has a gentle, natural scent which is pleasant and does not linger on the skin.

Green People face oil colour

The colour of the oil is light yellowish which can be barely seen when on the skin.

One of its main ingredients is rosehip oil which has high levels of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which add moisture and hydration to the skin. In the blend, you will also find avocado and almond oils and all together they will protect your skin, improve the moisture levels and lead to improved softness and elasticity.

The oil comes in a 30-ml glass bottle with a pump which I am not the biggest fan of as it doesn’t give me too much control of how much product I can dispense on my skin in one go. It’s either I get one pump’s worth of product on my skin or nothing. For this reason I prefer pipettes or different type of pump which gives me more control.

Anyhow, overall Green People Anti-Ageing Facial Oil is a lovely facial oil which I am happy to recommend, especially to those who get dry patches. I love the fact that it’s certified organic and how nourishing it is, however in summer I don’t think I would go for it as my skin would need something a little bit lighter then. You can buy it directly on Green People’s website with free delivery on all UK’s orders.

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Do you use facial oils? Which one is your favourite?

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