Natural sunscreen review: UVBIO Sunscreen SPF 50

Natural sunscreen review: UVBIO SPF 50

This summer I bought two natural sunscreens with SPF 50: Biosolis Extreme Fluid and UVBIO Sunscreen which I am going to review in this post and compare to Biosolis sunscreen.

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UVBIO are a French brand passionate about the preservation of biodiversity and animal species and for this reason, their range is 100% vegan. Their natural sunscreens also come in sun protection factors 20 and 30 and in their sun care range, you will also find after-sun lotion and self-tanning spray. They are not all about sun care products though, they also sell natural hair and skincare products.

UVBIO Sunscreen SPF 50

UVBIO sunscreen is a water-resistant sun cream protecting against UVA and UVB rays; its formula is based on naturally derived ingredients with 22.18% ingredients from organic farming. It contains no nanoparticles, no palm oil derivatives and no preservatives from synthetic chemistry (no parabens). It holds the following certificates: Cosmébio, ECOCERT and UK Vegan Society.

I found UVBIO sunscreen easier to distribute on to the skin than Biosolis sunscreen and this is because of the oils added to the cream such as sunflower and jojoba oils. The purpose of added oils is also to moisturise and nourish the skin and prevent skin dehydration. I found these oils make the skin shine slightly but it’s not really an issue for me, as long as the skin is protected and nourished, I don’t mind.

One interesting ingredient found in this sun cream is Goji berries extract which is rich in amino acids, minerals, carotenoids and vitamins and helps the body fight against external influences (anti-oxidant and anti-radical).

In terms of whiteness that cream leaves behind, it’s not too bad actually, much better than Biosolis Extreme Fluid sunscreen. Massage it really well and whiteness almost totally disappears, it blends with the skin colour well. My skin is pretty fair and I didn’t find this to be an issue, however, people with much darker skin may find that this sunscreen doesn’t work that well for their skin colour. If you can, get a sample of it to try it out first, just to be sure.

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Overall, UVBIO Sunscreen SPF50 is pretty good sun cream, it protected me well on my holiday. It also comes in a handy 100ml bottle with a pump, making it great for travelling. This is a second natural sunscreen with SPF 50 that I tried and if you have fair skin and burn easily, I do recommend buying it.

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