Weleda Review: A Pioneer in Natural Beauty Brands

Sometimes, in a world bursting with fresh and flashy beauty brands, we overlook the gems that have been dazzling us for decades. Weleda is one such treasure, with over a century’s experience in crafting natural and organic skincare products. This beauty giant was the first to bring us natural cosmetics, and now, you can find their products in fifty countries worldwide.

I had the chance to visit their headquarters and bio-dynamic gardens in Derbyshire a while back. This eye-opening trip gave me an insight into the true beauty of Weleda – its origins, its ethos, and of course, its groundbreaking products.

Weleda products

Weleda: A Century of Natural Beauty

Weleda, born in 1921 from the vision of Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner, a Dutch doctor, and a German chemist, started as a pharmaceutical laboratory. The trio made use of medicinal plants from their own garden, placing their firm belief in the human body’s ability to heal naturally with nature’s gifts.

At the heart of Weleda’s philosophy is anthroposophy, which translates to ‘the wisdom of man.’ This spiritual worldview encourages harmony with nature and society. This principle extends to every aspect of Weleda – from bio-dynamic farming and fair treatment of staff and stakeholders, to their commitment to sustainable manufacturing of beauty and pharmaceutical products.

Weleda’s Certified Natural Ingredients

All of Weleda’s products are 100% certified natural, carrying the NATRUE seal. This signifies that the products are genuinely natural and meet the highest standards.

Every Weleda product carrying the NATRUE label guarantees natural and organically sourced ingredients. They never test on animals, and they exclude artificial ingredients, synthetic fragrances, silicones, mineral oils, and microplastics. The products only contain naturally occurring or naturally-derived preservatives.

Weleda’s scientists dedicate themselves to carefully process each ingredient, extracting the purest plant essence. Every active ingredient in their beauty products serves a purpose – to deliver specific skincare benefits.

some of Weleda's products

Behind the Scenes at Weleda’s Headquarters and Gardens in Derbyshire, UK

During my visit to Weleda’s headquarters and gardens in Derbyshire, I got a firsthand look at their unique practices and their #CleanerBeauty campaign.

Managing director, Jayn Sterland, highlighted the potential problems with conventional skincare products and extolled the virtues of Weleda’s ‘cleaner’ beauty products. Weleda’s natural products reflect a deep commitment to skincare, sustainability, and ethics.

Weleda’s Gardens: Where Beauty Blooms Naturally

Touring Weleda’s 13-acre biodynamic gardens, I was enchanted by the care and commitment to natural beauty. Here, they cultivate some of their medicinal plants used in their beauty products under the watchful eye of head gardener, Claire Hattersley.

The gardens, brimming with biodiversity and vibrant meadows, follow a bio-dynamic planting calendar, aligning all activities with the earth’s rhythms and planetary influences. For instance, seeds are sown just before the Full Moon to enhance germination.

My Favourite Weleda Products

Over the years, I’ve tested and enjoyed many Weleda products. But some have found a special place in my beauty regimen. Here are my favourites:

1. Weleda Skin Food

This multi-purpose cream is the ultimate go-to for dry skin areas. With a thick, nourishing consistency, Weleda Skin Food is perfect for dealing with dry spots on your skin, such as the feet, knees, elbows or heels. It works wonders on rough skin, which softens and repairs quickly with regular use. Its thick texture might not spread as easily, and it may take a bit of time to absorb. But trust me, the wait is worth it. This cream is a must-have in any beauty stash.

2. Weleda Skin Food Light

Weleda Skin Food Light is a relatively new addition to the family but a welcomed one. It’s like the original Skin Food’s lighter sibling. It spreads easily, isn’t oily, and absorbs quickly. This product is fantastic as a body cream for larger skin areas such as legs and arms to treat any dryness. It also doubles up as a hand cream for when your hands need some TLC but aren’t overly dry. For rough and very dry hands, I recommend the original Weleda Skin Food.

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3. Weleda Deodorants

I’ve become quite a fan of Weleda’s deodorants, which work incredibly well for me. Their Citrus 24h Roll-On Deodorant, with its fresh scent, is a personal favourite. But I also love their Wild Rose Spray Deodorant. The scent is heavenly, and I find it even more effective than their roll-ons. All their deodorants are non-irritating, but remember, if you’ve just shaved, wait a bit before applying the Wild Rose Spray as it contains alcohol, which may cause a slight sting.

Weleda's deodorants

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4. Weleda Toothpastes

Finally, let’s talk about Weleda’s toothpastes. I’m a particular fan of their Salt toothpaste, a classic that has many loyal fans. I’ve also tried their Calendula toothpaste. Despite not foaming like typical toothpastes, Weleda’s variants always leave my teeth feeling exceptionally clean and my mouth refreshingly fresh.

Conclusion: Weleda – A Shining Star in Natural Beauty

Weleda stands tall in the beauty industry with its unwavering commitment to natural and organic cosmetics. Their unique approach to skincare, combined with sustainable and ethical practices, makes them a brand worth exploring.

If you get a chance, do visit their headquarters in Ilkeston, where their Wellbeing store houses every single one of Weleda’s 120 natural and organic cosmetics and a wide range of herbal and homeopathic medicines. Alternatively, you can purchase Weleda’s products online from platforms like Amazon, Holland & Barrett, and others.

If you’re contemplating a switch from conventional beauty products, starting with Weleda is a wise move. With their longstanding tradition in natural beauty, their products are sure to impress.

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