The Best The Ordinary Products for Large Pores and Blackheads

Pores are little openings on the skin that produce oil and sweat. Based on your skin type, your pores may appear larger than others when they get clogged leading to the appearance of blackheads. Usually, people with oily and acne-prone skin are most likely to experience these two things and sometimes at the same time. If this sounds like you, then here is a list of the best The Ordinary products you can use to minimize your pores and get rid of blackheads. 

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Skin care products that work best for enlarged pores

Unlike most people think pores do not actually open or close, however, because they can get clogged by bacteria, dirt, or excess oil they may sometimes appear to be enlarged. Here are the type of products to look out for when dealing with enlarged pores 

  • Use lightweight facial oils like rosehip oil to prevent your skin from getting clogged while keeping it moisturized. 
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly with natural enzyme peels like papaya and pineapple extract or use natural exfoliating acids like lactic, mandelic, or glycolic acids to slough off dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells. 
  • Include potent antioxidants like vitamin C, green tea extract, or niacinamide to protect your skin from oxidative stress that could lead to excess sebum production. 
  • Hydrate your skin with skincare products that are rich in humectants like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B3. 
  • Also, include skincare actives like vitamin A that can help unclog your pores, tighten your skin by boosting collagen production, and skin cell renewal.

Skin care products that work best for blackheads

Blackheads are a form of acne also known as comedonal acne. This occurs when excess hair follicles present in the pores get clogged, and excess sebum or dirt accumulates around it causing a bump or pimple.

When the skin over this pimple breaks open and gets exposed to air, the gunk within the pores oxides and turns black. This is why they are called blackheads.

To get rid of this type of acne here are the type of products to look out for: 

  • Just like with enlarged pores, you need to use exfoliating products that will help unclog your pores and get rid of the blackheads. Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids will be ideal for this. 
  • Use non-comedogenic facial oils and moisturizers to prevent your pores from getting clogged. Avoid thick and heavy creams and stick to light lotions or gels that contain texture-enhancing ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, or retinoids. 

The best The Ordinary Product for enlarged pores and blackheads

Here is a list of the best products from The Ordinary you should try if you are struggling with enlarged pores and blackheads. 

The Odinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

This serum is one of the best from this brand to cater to enlarged pores and can also be beneficial to acne or blackhead-prone skin.

The main actives in this product are niacinamide and zinc and both help regulate sebum production in the pores thus preventing and getting rid of any congestion present.

Niacinamide also helps improve the skin barrier and increase the skin’s water retention capacity for healthier and smoother skin. 

The Ordinary Peeling Solution AHA 30% + BHA 2%

This incredibly popular exfoliating serum contains both alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids that will help both minimize your pores and get rid of blackheads.

The AHAs present in this product work to exfoliate the top layer of the skin to reveal brighter and smoother skin while the 2% BHA (salicylic acid) will penetrate the skin to unclog the pores and shrink their size.

This serum should be used not more than 3 times a week as it is potent and can irritate the skin if abused. Also, it’s preferable to apply this peeling solution at night and put on sunscreen the following morning. 

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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque

Large pores and blackheads usually cause the skin to appear dull and rough. Including this salicylic acid masque in your routine is a good way to address these issues.

Apply once a week on dry skin and let it sit for 10 mins then rinse off with lukewarm water. The salicylic acid in this product will get deep into your pores and unclog any congestion present, reducing the amount of excess sebum proceed resulting in tighter pores and acne-free skin.

The Ordinary 2% Salicylic acid Solution

This water-based salicylic acid serum is ideal to unclog pores and get rid of excess sebum causing congestion. This product is more gentle than the salicylic acid masque and can be used 3 times a week at night. It is also available in an anhydrous form (oil-based serum) for more sensitive skin types. 

The Ordinary Glycolic acid Toning Solution 7%

This toner is good to use for blackhead breakouts as it does an excellent job of exfoliating the surface layer of the skin.

In this study, glycolic acid was proven to reduce pore size and improve comedonal acne. This toner can be applied to the skin after cleansing at night every other day and should be used alongside SPF.

The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA

Exposure to sunlight often leads to excess sebum production and in general causes the skin to stretch leading to enlarged pores and acne breakouts. Using mandelic acid can both help exfoliate the skin, treat comedonal acne, and increase skin elasticity resulting in tighter pores.

This serum also contains hyaluronic acid which will help rebuild collagen in the skin for tighter pores.

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

When dealing with enlarged pores and blackheads it is vital to stay away from pore-clogging oils and lotions. However, the skin still needs to be properly moisturized for optimal health.

Rosehip oil is a very light and non-comedogenic oil that not only nourishes the skin but helps prevent and manage enlarged pores and blackheads. It is rich in pro-vitamin A, vitamin E, and other antioxidants that help with skin cell rejuvenation and boost collagen production.

Adding The Ordinary’s 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil to your routine will help tighten and unclog your pores for smoother and brighter skin. 

The Ordinary Retinols and Retinoids

Retinoid and retinol are derivative forms of vitamin A which have the ability to speed up the skin renewal process and boost collagen production. By causing skin cells to shed faster retinol helps slough off dead skin cells clogging pores, revealing brighter, smoother, and tighter skin.

Although retinol and retinoids are touted for their anti-aging benefits, they are multipurpose actives that target a wide range of skincare issues.

However, one thing should be noted about retinol, and it is that it can have very potent side effects. This is why The Ordinary has come up with multiple retinol-based products having in mind the sensitivities of various skin types. As such here is a list of their retinols and retinoids products and how to find the right fit for you:

For beginners and sensitive skin types

For intermediate users 

For advanced users 

How to use The Ordinary products to shrink large pores and get rid of blackheads

There are different ways you can use The Ordinary products to shrink large pores and get rid of blackheads.

To start, you may want to consider adding The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution 7% to your routine. Apply it to a freshly cleansed face at night as it will help slough off dead skin cells that can clog pores and result in blackheads. At the same time, this will also help to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Use it only once a day.

In the morning after cleansing, on the other hand, you could apply the 2% salicylic acid serum, to unclog pores and exfoliate. Keep in mind that this product should not be used together with retinoids or glycolic acid as it will be too harsh on your skin. Never mix salicylic acid and glycolic acid together. You should also not use glycolic acid together with niamicide.

If your skin is quite sensitive, use The Ordinary’s Mandelic Acid 10% after cleansing, ideally in the evening but only once a day. This product should also not be mixed with retinoids.

After applying some sort of acid exfoliant, it’s time to moisturise the skin. The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil is perfect for this purpose as it’s lightweight and doesn’t clog pores.

Retinol is a good option for more advanced users, as it can be quite potent and cause skin irritation in some cases. For this reason, we recommend starting with one of the lower-strength retinol products from The Ordinary, such as 0.2% Retinol in Squalane. However, you need to know that you shouldn’t use this product with any type of acids.

To use retinol effectively and safely, it’s best to start with only one application per week. As your skin adjusts to the retinol, you can gradually increase the frequency until you are using it every night. Remember that your skin may be sensitive to sunlight after applying a retinol product, so be sure to wear sunscreen whenever you are going outside.

So the bottom line is you either use acid exfoliants or retinol after cleansing but never these types of products together. Use SPF during the day when using these actives.

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