Natural nail polishes from Kure Bazaar – Review + Swatches

Kure Bazaar natural nail polishes

If you are looking for the most natural nail polish you can find, Kure Bazaar is your brand. Their nail polishes are not 100% natural but they are as natural as they could be (up to 90% natural origin) and are free of 10 of the harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional nail polishes. I’ve tested several of their colours and here is my review with swatches.

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Kure Bazaar polishes

French Rose

The first colour that I’ve tried from Kure Bazaar was called ‘French Rose‘. When looking at this colour on the LoveLula website, it was so lovely, such a gentle pinkish colour. It seemed to be exactly what I needed for my wedding, the perfect colour which would match the roses we ordered.

Unfortunately, when I applied this polish to my fingernails, it didn’t look anything like in the pictures. This nail polish is very transparent and when applied you can barely see any colour. I needed to apply at least three coats to see a little bit of pink but it was nowhere near what I wanted.

Later, I realised that it does say in the description of the product that the colour is a soft sheer pink but I didn’t really read that when ordering as I just loved the colour on the picture too much! So I am partially responsible for this slight disappointment…

Kure bazaar French Rose swatch

When applied, the colour is actually quite neutral and could easily be used instead of clear nail polish, as it’s almost clear, only a tiny bit of colour comes out. In any case, it adds a nice shine to your nails and it’s a lovely colour to wear in the daytime and when you don’t want strong colours on your nails. It could be a good colour for you, it just wasn’t what I wanted!

Kure Bazaar nail polish - French Rose

So Vintage

I’ve decided to try ‘So Vintage‘ as it was a darker colour and was hoping that it would be more visible on my nails than ‘French Rose’. I was not disappointed.

From my experience with the French Rose nail polish, I got an impression that all Kure Bazaar nail polishes may need lots of coats to make an impact but I discovered that ‘So Vintage’ was pretty opaque and I was really happy with the results. This is the first colour from Kure Bazaar that I’ve tried for which I can safely say that one coat is enough and it won’t look transparent. Apply two coats to correct any unevenness but you don’t need more than that really.

Kure Bazaar So Vintage swatch

I would say this is an evening colour that looks sophisticated with a decent shine. One of my favourites for sure.

The colour will last for a day or two and then you should apply another coat to make it last longer. The top coat may also help.


Not as opaque as I would like but ‘Chloe’ is a lovely, pretty neutral colour which I thought I wouldn’t like at first but it’s really nice actually. It certainly doesn’t look like in the pictures on the LoveLula website, just see the swatch below and then compare it to what you see on LoveLula. I expected it to be a little bit more purple and lighter.

Kure Bazaar nail polish Chloe - swatch

One coat may be enough if you apply colour thickly enough but I don’t tend to do that as it takes way too long to dry and while it’s drying I would touch it by accident and mess it up. The best is to apply two thinner coats and you will be good to go. This colour is a lovely colour with purple undertones that could go with just about anything I believe – wear it day time and it won’t stand out too much or wear it in the evening with a dress of any colour and it should look good.

The polish dries reasonably quickly so you don’t have to wait for too long before applying the second coat. As with all the other colours from Kure Bazaar, ‘Chloe’ won’t stay looking perfect for long but if more natural is important to you, you will cope and just apply another coat on top when you see the colour is coming off.


I picked ‘Melrose’ as I wanted to try a pink colour that is stronger than ‘French Rose’ and something that will actually show well on my nails. I made a good choice.

‘Melrose’ is a strong pink colour which needs at least two coats to look good. It’s a gorgeous pink polish for anybody who loves painting their nails pink. I think it’s probably my favourite nail polish from Kure Bazaar. I love the colour and I do recommend it. See the swatch below:

Kure Bazaar Melrose - swatch

Kure Bazaar nail polishes – The final verdict

I love that Kure Bazaar’s nail polishes are more natural than any other brands which is a big plus, especially if you are pregnant and want to avoid certain toxic chemicals. However, from my experience, the colour can be a bit hit and miss as pictures online look different than what you actually get.

Keep in mind that lighter colours tend to be more transparent than the darker ones and you will have to apply several coats to make an impact. Choose a dark colour if you want to apply just one or two coats and try using a top coat to make your manicure last longer.

I am quite positive that in the end, you should be able to find a colour that works for you (they have a big choice!) but check the swatches you can find online first and read all the reviews you can as only like that you will be able to decide on the right colour for you. And don’t forget to read the description of the product which should tell you whether the colour is sheer or opaque!

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