Khadi Ayurvedic Shampoo (Neem) – Review

Khadi Ayurvedic Neem shampoo

Lately, I’ve been trying to find a more affordable natural shampoo for oily hair that would be as good as John Masters Organics Spearmint & Meadowsweet Scalp Stimulating Shampoo. So I decided to try Khadi Ayurvedic Shampoo which promises to regulate sebum production and balance and harmonise the scalp. This shampoo also helps combat dandruff and prevents itching and flaking. But how did I get on? Was I impressed and would I recommend it? Read my full review below and find out!

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About Khadi

Khadi is a brand that uses Ayurveda as a basis for their natural shampoos, shower and bath gels, hair and body oils and skin care products.  The owners spent years in India learning about Ayurveda and they used this new knowledge together with their skincare and haircare knowledge to form a new natural beauty brand. The products are made in India and are certified natural by BDIH.

Khadi Herbal Shampoo – Ingredients

Khadi Neem Shampoo is made with 20% fresh herbs, flowers and fruits and contains no sulfates, alcohol, mineral oils or perfume. It’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Here are the most important active ingredients which have been added to this shampoo due to their beneficial properties on hair and scalp:

  • Mild coconut-based cleansers – to gently clean the scalp and remove oil and grime
  • Pure herbal infusions/decoctions – to promote a healthy scalp
  • Zinc – to prevent dandruff
  • Essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus and rosemary – to treat dandruff, encourage hair growth and stimulate the scalp
  • Neem oil – to purify the scalp
  • Aloe Vera – to condition and smooth the hair and prevent itching
  • Almond and Wheat proteins – to repair hair

A combination of all the ingredients above is meant to regulate sebum production, soothe the scalp and reduce dandruff. Some of these ingredients also have anti-fungal properties.

My review

This shampoo seems to have all the right ingredients and promises to do quite a lot for hair and scalp but does it actually work?

First of all, let me just mention what it’s like using it. It’s actually a quite runny shampoo, dark brown in colour with a herbal scent which I don’t mind. I have to be careful when using it as I can easily drop some in the shower by accident as it’s so runny. It foams really well though and you don’t need too much of it to wash your hair well. A little goes a long way.

It’s not one of those shampoos which would make your hair soft and easy to manage. I definitely need a conditioner afterwards otherwise my hair would be a big mess. It does contain aloe vera which is supposed to condition the hair but for my hair, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

With all the amazing ingredients that it contains, I was expecting it to do something great on my oily hair – I was hoping it to be more like John Masters Organics Spearmint & Meadowsweet Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, basically, a shampoo that would help my hair stay fresher for longer.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really do much for my oily hair. When I wash my hair in the evening, by the end of the next day, I can definitely start to feel oiliness on top of my hair. This is not the case with John Masters Organics shampoo.

The following day, my hair is definitely greasy and needs some help from dry shampoo to keep it looking fresh. Some of the other natural shampoos that I’ve tried in the past did a much better job of controlling oiliness. So I wouldn’t recommend this shampoo for oily hair if that’s your issue.

It may be worth trying for dandruff and itchy scalp though. I’ve been using this shampoo for about a month now and during this time my scalp got a bit flaky and dry and I think this shampoo helped to improve this condition. Now I still get a bit of dryness but it’s much better than before.

The final verdict

Now, I am not sure whether it’s worth splashing on this shampoo but you may want to give it a go if you struggle with itchiness and flaking. There are also other Khadi shampoos that you may want to check out before buying this one (they may be more suited for your hair type).

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