Argan Oil: A Natural Elixir for Thicker, Longer Lashes

argan oil for eyelashes

Having long, full, and dark lashes is one of today’s beauty standards. You can tell by the number of brands selling mascara. But while mascara offers just a way to create an illusion, it is actually possible to grow longer lashes by using natural oils.

Oils like argan and castor oil are known to benefit not only the skin but can also improve lash growth. In this article, you will discover how to use argan oil to achieve longer and thicker lashes. 

Benefits of Argan Oil for Eyelashes 

Argan oil also known as Moroccan argan oil is exclusively produced in Morocco and comes from the fruit of the argan tree. These nuts are processed into oil in small local cooperatives, where most brands around the world source it.

This oil is converted both for skin and hair care, but this liquid gold is specifically sought after for its ability to improve lash growth. Below are the numerous benefits of argan oil for the lashes. 

Prevents lash loss

Argan oil is known to contain a high concentration of vitamin E, and other powerful antioxidants that reduce the stress caused by oxidative stress on the skin and hair. Free radical damage counts as one of the top reasons for hair breakage. 

It is a good moisturizer

Lashes just like the rest of the hair on the body need to be properly hydrated and moisturized for healthy growth.

Argan oil is an excellent choice as this oil contains a combination of free fatty acids that help the moisture retention in hair follicles. It is rich in oleic, linoleic, palmitic, and stearic acids. 

  • Oleic acid helps regulate sebum production in the eyelids which in turn promotes healthy hair follicles for healthy lashes. It is also believed to aid in the treatment of hair loss.
  • Linoleic acid helps maintain healthy hair follicles by boosting skin cell turnover to prevent clogged or dead hair follicles. Palmitic and stearic acid are good emollients that help retain moisture within hair follicles.
argan oil

Does Argan Oil Help Eyelashes Grow?

Most of the scientific data on argan oil accounts for its action on the hair and the scalp in general. Based on this, argan oil is thought to be effective as well on eyelashes.

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E which is a great antioxidant that limits oxidative stress on the hair on the skin. Applying argan oil to your lashes may help reduce lash loss and promote healthy growth. The blend of fatty acids present in argan oil can strengthen and promote eyelash growth. 

Argan oil is usually recommended for short and thin lashes. It has a lightweight texture which makes it easily applicable and keeps lashes properly moisturized. The nutrient present in this oil is believed to help grow longer, thicker, less clumpy, darker and more lush lashes. 

Argan Oil vs Castor Oil for Eyelashes

Another popular natural oil for eyelash growth is castor oil. Just like argan oil, there is no actual study that proves this oil’s effectiveness to promote eyelash growth. However, its recorded benefits for hair loss are what makes this oil an option to use on lashes. 

Benefits of castor oil on lashes

May prevent hair loss

Castor oil is mainly made up of a fatty acid called ricinoleic acid, which is scientifically proven to reverse hair loss. In this study, this fatty was shown to baldness in men. This fatty acid is also known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can promote healthy hair growth. 

It has moisturizing properties

Castor oil is a good occlusive that helps retain moisture in hair follicles which in turn can promote hair growth. 

Which is Better: Argan or Castor oil?

If you are wondering what to pick between these two oils here are some pointers: 

  • Neither oil have been scientifically proven to promote lash growth, however, the evidence on their effectiveness to prevent hair loss suggests castor oil may be a better choice as it is proven to reverse baldness. 
  • In terms of texture, argan oil may be a better option. Argan oil is very light and absorbs easily into the hair follicles. Castor oil, on the other hand, is a thick and sticky oil that can make the application much more difficult. 

How to Use Argan Oil for Eyelashes

Argan oil is best applied as a lash serum at night before going to bed to limit the risk of rubbing your eyes or rubbing off the oil wasting it.

It can either be applied with bare hands, a cotton swab or a mascara wand. 

  • To apply with your hands, just rub a few drops of your argan oil on your fingertips and gently dab on your lashes, then massage them gently for a minute or two. 
  • With a cotton swab, you apply a few drops and gently dab onto your lashes. 
  • With a mascara wand, dip a clean and dry wand into your argan oil. Make sure to get rid of the excess and apply on your eyelashes the way you would mascara. 

It is very important to properly wash your hands before applying argan oil to your lashes. You do not want any bacteria getting into your eyes. In case some oil gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly under running water. Complement the conditioning effects of argan oil with the benefits of lash lift starter kits to further enhance your eyelash care routine.

Argan oil can also be used in combination with other activities to create DIY eyelash serums.

Best Argan Oil for Eyelashes

When purchasing argan oil strive to get the best quality for better results. Pure argan oil has a light golden color, anything lighter is an indication that it has been diluted with other oils. You want to make sure you know what other oils have been added to the mixture before applying them to your eyelashes. 

Cosmetic Argan oil is produced in 4 grades:

1. Naturally scented (pure)

This is pure argan oil obtained after a single round of filtration after the cold press of argan seeds. This quality of argan oil is the purest and has an organic or natural scent. 

2. Active Carbon Deodorised

This grade of argan oil is processed with an addition of active carbon powder to element sediments after the cold-press. This process eliminates the natural scent of argan oil to produce sweeter-scented or perfumed oil. However, this form of argan oil is less available on the market.

3. Unscented Argan oil 

This form of argan oil is the form that goes through a second filtration to eliminate all traces of residues in the oil resulting in a near odorless oil. This form of argan oil is the most used in cosmetics and most available.

4. Complete deodorized argan oil

This last grade of argan undergoes further processing in a vacuum to eliminate all scents. This grade of argan oil can have a pink or clear color and is mostly used as a cosmetic ingredient for products like shampoos and soap. 

The best argan oil for eyelashes is the form that has undergone the least amount of heat processing. Make sure that your argan oil is certified 100% organic, and free of additives like fragrance and dyes as these could be irritating when they come in contact with your eyelashes.  

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