What does rosehip oil smell like?

Knowing what oil should look or smell like is important in determining its quality especially before applying it to your skin. A good example is rosehip oil. Most people expect rosehip oil to have a rich floral scent like rose essential oil. Although rosehip oil comes from the hips of rose plants, the smell is far from those of rose petals. Read on to know what rosehip seed oil really smells like.

What should pure rosehip seed oil smell like

Rosehips are the small round fruits usually found behind rose flowers. Rosehip oil is obtained from the cold press of rosehip seeds to obtain the rich bright orange oil used in skincare for its high content in vitamin A.

In its purest form, rosehip seed oil has a subtle earthy and somewhat woody undertone. It has an unusual but natural and very organic scent that evokes memories of autumn in most people. But generally, the scent is what you will expect a plant oil to smell like.

But keep in mind that the sense of smell is very subjective. Earthy tones might not be pleasant for everyone. If you are not a fan of earthy smells, there is no need to worry because although the smell of rosehip oil is strong, it dissipates very quickly when applied to the skin.

Just keep in mind that rosehip seed oil does not have a bad or sour smell. If your rosehip oil smells bad it is an indication that the oil has become rancid. In that case, it should not be applied to the skin but discarded.

Is it possible for rosehip oil to contain fragrance?

100% organic and cold-pressed rosehip seed oil is totally fragrance-free. However, some brands may add fragrance for aesthetic reasons.  Also, some brands create a blend of rosehip seed oil and other essential oils that end up giving it a different smell. Good examples are the ​​A’kin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and the Scented Rosehip Oil by MARYNS.

However, it should be noted that oils that contain fragrances present a potential risk of skin irritations. This is because fragrances are chemically produced compounds that are known allergens. This may not be recommended if you have sensitive or eczema-prone skin. It is, therefore, safer to use pure rosehip oil.

Is it normal for rosehip oil to smell fishy?

If your rosehip seed oil has a fishy smell it is an indication that the oil had gone rancid. This means that the fatty acids present in the oil have been oxidized and the actives in the oil are no longer present. Rancid oils smell sour, fishy, or bad in general.

Should rosehip seed oil smell like cooking oil?

Cooking oils are plant oils just like rosehip oil and as such have a plant-like or organic smell but they do not smell the same. For example, cold-pressed olive oil has a pun grassy scent with a hint of olives.

Does rosehip oil smell like mustard seed oil?

Contrary to rosehip oil’s earthy smell, mustard seed oil has a very pungent acrid smell. If you purchase rosehip oil that smells acrid instead of earthy, it might mean the oil is bad or it isn’t rosehip oil at oil.

How to avoid rosehip seed oil going bad quickly

Rosehip seed oil has a rather short shelf life of 6 months after which it will go rancid. Things like the color, smell, and texture of the oil may change. To prevent this, it is important to store your rosehip oil the right way. Here are some tips to prevent rosehip oil from smelling bad :

  • Store away from direct sunlight or any source of heat as this can break down the oil.
  • Always purchase oil that is packaged in a dark glass container
  • Once you open your rosehip oil, store it in a fridge or in a cool area
  • Do not leave your rosehip oil open and exposed to air for long, as this will speed up the oxidization process.
  • Add a few drops of vitamin E oil to cold-pressed rosehip seed oil provides antioxidant activity that can increase the shelf life of the oil(only if the product doesn’t contain any)