Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream Review

Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream

Feeling the tightness, prickling and redness after washing your face can be a real nightmare if you have sensitive skin. From heat to skincare ingredients and stress, there are many things that could trigger a reaction from our delicate complexion – so it’s important for us gentle souls to pay special attention when we select which cleanser is best suited for tackling these sensitivities head-on! Recently I tested out Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream and here my thoughts on this ultra-gentle product.

Ready to experience the power of Trilogy’s creamy cleanser? This luxurious yet gentle solution is just what you need for those nights when all you want to do is take off your makeup and relax. It comes in a stylish tinted glass bottle, with one or two pumps being enough per use – so no worrying about running out anytime soon! Plus, its formula promises zero burning/tingly sensations: dream cleansing made easy!

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What is so good about Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream?

Trilogy’s Very Gentle Cleansing Cream is a luxurious, non-foaming facial cleanser that provides superior skin protection. The perfect balance between gentleness and effectiveness comes from its blend of nourishing ingredients like chamomile extract, Syricalm™ calming complex, almond oil, evening primrose oil and camellia seed oils – all packed in an unscented formula free of essential oils! This cream works wonders to keep your complexion clean while maintaining the natural barrier strength for long-lasting hydration.

How do I use it?

By lathering it on my face and massaging it in circular motions, pressing into my cheeks, forehead and chin areas, this product gently washes away dirt while nourishing delicate skin.

A bit of water helps emulsify & rinse off before completing with a splash of cool water – no muslin cloth or facial brush needed! I use it both morning & night to feel clean and refreshed all day long…in addition to simply loving how soft my complexion feels afterwards!

How does my skin feels afterwards?

My skin often responds to harsh weather conditions with dryness and redness, which is why I choose very gentle skincare products. After using the Very Gentle Cleansing Cream my complexion feels noticeably softer, more moisturized, but most importantly deeply cleansed – it’s an amazing feeling!

Any cons?

After making my way through a heavy face of makeup, I was surprised to find that this cleanser struggled. However, with lighter looks it does the job well! The formula’s nurturing properties make up for any lack in performance – only drawbacks here are minor ones.

The final verdict

This amazing Very Gentle Cleansing Cream is an ideal everyday cleanser that will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished – perfect for sensitive skins who don’t want any flare-ups.

Plus, it can also work great for those of us who just love a bit of comfort when cleansing our faces. And even if you’re wearing heavier makeup like mascara or foundation, simply pair the cream with an oil/balm beforehand and there won’t be anything standing in its way! All in all, it’s one fabulous skincare item made especially for us sensitive souls – highly recommended!

Trilogy’s Very Gentle Cleansing Cream is available to buy on Amazon.

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