Sukin SPF30 Sheer Touch Tinted Sunscreen Review

Every year I test new natural sunscreens and this year Sukin SPF30 Sheer Touch Tinted Sunscreen got my attention along with some other sunscreens. Read this review and see what I thought of this sunscreen below.

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Sukin SPF30 Tinted Sunscreen is made with reef-safe ingredients and contains no animal-derived ingredients so it’s suitable for vegans as well. You also won’t find any synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol, minerals oils and parabens in this sunscreen.

The active ingredient that will protect your skin from harmful UV light is zinc oxide which is a common ingredient found in most natural sunscreens.

The main preservative in this sunscreen is Phenethyl Alcohol which is a naturally occurring substance that is also made in a laboratory. It has a distinctive scent described as “floral”. The other preservative in this sunscreen that is widely used in natural cosmetics is Potassium Sorbate. Both are non-toxic and pretty harmless chemicals although some people may react to potassium sorbate.

I love that this sunscreen also contains some anti-ageing ingredients such as rosehip and green tea extract. This is definitely needed when you are out in the sun although the concentration of these is probably not that high. But anything is better than nothing.

There are several oils and moisturisers in Sukin’s sunscreen, for example, rosehip fruit oil, safflower seed oil and glycerin. This means that this product should not dry out your skin.

The sunscreen also contains various emulsifiers and thickeners to create an easy-to-spread smooth texture.

Finally, there is a Parfum in this sunscreen but it’s not stated where it’s derived from.



I love that Sukin SPF30 Tinted Sunscreen (for Light/Medium skin tones) doesn’t leave any white cast on my skin which is a common problem among natural sunscreens. It’s unbelievably lightweight and feels more like a lotion than sunscreen. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all and gives a matte finish.

The formula leaves my skin looking nice, with a healthy glow but it doesn’t darken my face and I still look very natural. It blends perfectly with my skin and actually, it slightly improves my skin tone and it even makes my fine lines appear less prominent.

The fact that this sunscreen doesn’t whiten my face is a huge plus but I don’t like the scent. I am getting used to it though and now it doesn’t bother me so much. At least it doesn’t linger on the skin.

The sunscreen is totally non-greasy and doesn’t leave any shine on the skin which I love.

Sukin sunscreen texture

As recommended, I’ve been reapplying this sunscreen throughout the day when needed and I was worried it would clog my pores but luckily it didn’t give me any breakouts so I think this sunscreen should work well on breakout-prone skin.

I didn’t get a chance to test this sunscreen in a very hot climate but for British weather, it’s been fine. I’ve tested it on cloudy and sunny days and I haven’t burnt so this is a positive thing. Hopefully, it will work well abroad as well.

Sukin tinted sunscreen on  the back of the hand

If your skin is quite dark, there is also a Medium/Dark version of this sunscreen and if you prefer no tint, you can also get the untinted version.

In summary, this is what I like about Sukin’s Tinted Sunscreen:

  • Very lightweight sunscreen
  • Easy to apply and spread
  • Quick to absorb
  • Not oily
  • Doesn’t leave skin shiny
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Non-drying

What I don’t like:

  • The scent
  • You need to shake it well/knead it before use
  • Not water resistant

All in all, this is still a great natural sunscreen that I am happy to recommend.

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