Rahua Dry Shampoo Review

As a busy mum of one, dry shampoo is absolutely essential for me as I don’t always have time to wash my hair or I am simply just too tired. Over the years I’ve tried several dry shampoo brands (natural, of course!) and I continue testing new ones. So, recently I’ve decided to test Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo and here is what I really think about it…

Rahua natural dry shampoo

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Just like other natural dry shampoos that I’ve tried, this one also has very simple ingredients:

  • Fuller’s earth (Clay) 
  • Organic Tapioca Starch (Cassava root)
  • Illicium Verum (Star Anise)
  • Vanilla Planifolia
  • Citric Acid

Clay and cassava starch help to absorb water, oil, dirt and sweat from the scalp while star anise has antimicrobial properties and helps maintain a healthy scalp. Vanilla Planifolia and star anise both add a bit of fragrance to the product.

The ingredients in Rahua dry shampoo are not only 100% natural but also organic which is not the case with all natural dry shampoos. I really like that.

There are no animal-derived ingredients in this dry shampoo so it’s suitable for vegans as well.


Ease of application

When it comes to applying Rahua Dry Shampoo onto my hair, I found it incredibly easy. I simply squeeze the plastic bottle and fine powder is pushed out in a slow burst. It comes out in the same way as in aerosol dry shampoo only that it’s not that fast and not that much.

None of the other natural dry shampoos that I’ve tried was so easy to get out of the bottle. I actually struggled with some of them (they would not come out easily) and certain brands use a sprinkler head which I am not the biggest fan of as it doesn’t distribute the shampoo evenly. EDIT: However, with time you will have to shake the bottle first before squeezing it, just to make it easier for the shampoo to come out. This is happening when the bottle is getting emptier but it’s not a big deal.


This is the finest dry shampoo powder out of all that I’ve tried. It is so fine and light that some of it gets lifted into the air and doesn’t land where it is supposed to (on my hair).

I actually worry that I would inhale some of it and I don’t know how harmful that would be (also if it’s natural, it’s not meant to be inhaled!).

There is actually a warning on a bottle saying “Do not inhale” which just confirms my worries. So, just to be on the safe side I decided to use a mask when applying this shampoo. It may sound a bit too much but I already have asthma and I definitely don’t want to make my condition worse.

Rahua dry shampoo powder

Once I apply the shampoo to my hair, I massage it into the scalp and when I am doing this I can ‘feel’ the shampoo. It’s difficult to describe. It’s not coarse and it’s not exactly sticky but it is sticking onto my fingers a bit in a way that I feel the need to wash my hands afterwards. However, it doesn’t feel wet, it just feels a bit unpleasant on my hands.

I don’t remember having the same experience with other dry shampoos. While I still got some residue onto my fingers it wasn’t the same feeling.


The scent is lovely, not very strong but pleasant, slightly citrusy.


I really love how Rahua dry shampoo makes my hair look. It absorbs natural oils very well and totally gets rid of the shine that you get with greasy hair. It also gives my hair volume and the end result is almost as if I just washed my hair. But it’s not the same of course. The hair doesn’t feel clean and it loses its softness. It is also more difficult to comb.

All in all, however, this is the best natural dry shampoo that I’ve ever tried. Although it’s not perfect, it’s still very good as it gives me amazing results. None of the natural dry shampoos that I’ve tried previously was able to make my hair look so clean so I definitely recommend it. Get it on Amazon here >

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