Organic hand creams from Alteya Organics – Review

Lately, I’ve been testing organic hand creams from Alteya Organics, a Bulgarian organic skincare company which produces rose organic skin and body care products based on old proven formulations. Alteya Organics was born in 1999 and have an extensive knowledge and experience in growing organic roses and lavender. Their rose oil extracts and flower waters are created using generations-old recipes.

It’s been a pleasure testing two organic hand creams from Alteya Organics: Rose Oil Age Defense and Rose Jasmine Moisture Dew hand cream. They are both certified organic by NATRUE, vegan and cruelty-free. Here is what I really thought of them:

Alteya Organics Hand Cream: Rose Oil Age Defense

rose oil age defense hand cream alteya organics

When I first squeezed Age Defense hand cream out of the tube I was surprised at how runny it was actually. I was expecting a slightly thicker hand cream. But not a problem. I managed to squeeze a little bit too much out to start with, but I knew for the next time it only needed a gentle squeeze.

rose oil age defense hand cream - tube open

Rose Oil Age Defense hand cream is light but yet very nourishing. It left my hands feeling soft and beautifully scented. The rose scent is quite strong, but lovely, perfect for anybody who loves floral scents and rose.

alteya organics age defense hand cream - texture

The cream spreads easily and won’t take too long to absorb. Your hands will straight away feel really soft and lovely but you won’t get that greasy feeling. If you work on a computer, you can use your hands on your keyboard easily a few minutes after you have applied this hand cream.

This organic hand cream is designed to be anti-aging and I think it would be beneficial for anybody who is worried about their hands showing the first signs of ageing but it’s also good for slowing down ageing if you are younger.

There are two sizes of Rose Oil Age Defense hand cream available: 30ml and 90ml. I have the 30ml version at home as I find it better for travelling. The 30ml version costs £6.20 while 90ml costs £11.65. If you can, buy a bigger version as it’s better value for money.

Alteya Organics Hand Cream: Rose Jasmine Moisture Dew

alteya organics rose jasmine hand cream

Rose Jasmine organic hand cream is thicker than the Rose Oil Age Defense hand cream which makes it less likely you will squeeze out too much by accident. The scent is different, but still quite strong. Very floral. A mixture of jasmine and rose scents. The scent is quite uplifting and the aromatic effect of jasmine oil can even stimulate the release of a feel-good hormone, serotonin.

organic hand cream rose jasmine - tube open

This hand cream is easy to rub into your hands and I like that it’s really quick to absorb. It may feel a little bit sticky in the beginning but it’s totally non-greasy. The feeling of stickiness will dissipate after a few minutes or so.

organic hand cream rose jasmine - on the hand

This cream hydrates my hands well, protecting them from external elements and making them softer. It’s great to use overnight.

The floral scent lingers on the skin so if you are not a fan of floral scents this hand cream is not for you.

Just like Rose Oil Age Defense hand cream, Rose Jasmine hand cream also comes in two sizes: 30ml and 90ml.

All in all, both organic hand creams from Alteya Organics are lovely, perfect for anybody who loves floral scents. They are both non-greasy and quite quick to absorb so that you can get on with your daily tasks easily. I would certainly recommend them.

What is your favourite natural hand cream? Have you tried organic hand creams from Alteya Organics yet?

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