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Elsa's deodorant stick - organic and all natural

If you are looking for the best natural deodorant that you can buy you should seriously consider Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods natural deodorants. They are well-loved by the green beauty community and I am really pleased I decided to give this brand a try as it’s seriously good.

Over the years I tested a few different natural deodorant brands but I always kept coming back to Weleda’s Citrus Deo Roll-On which has a lovely scent and is easy to apply, it’s quite affordable as well. I couldn’t find anything better so I stuck with it.

But recently I discovered Elsa’s organic deodorants and I read lots of good reviews about the brand so I decided to give it a go as my Weleda’s Deo Roll-on was running out. And I am so glad I did.

Now I can easily say that Elsa’s natural deodorant is one of the best natural deodorants that I’ve ever tried. And it works. It certainly works. I think it will probably be my go-to natural deodorant from now on as it’s so good.

Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods offer different scents and I went for ‘Dew’ which is Bergamont & Lime scent. It smells so lovely! Even better than my favourite Weleda Deo Roll-On! Really zesty, invigorating and so fresh, strong enough to make a difference but not overpowering. Love it!

If you don’t like citrusy scents then you could choose from other scents: ‘Love’ (Roses & Patchouli), ‘Ocean’ (Peppermint & Tea Tree) or just go for a fragrance-free formulation which is suitable for sensitive skin.

Elsa’s Skin Foods definitely have a good choice of lovely scents so one of them should be the right one for you. The good thing is these deodorants are suitable for both men and women so if you are looking for natural deodorants for men, definitely consider this brand – you could go for a fragrance-free option or ‘Dew’ and even ‘Ocean’. ‘Ocean’ scent is described as fresh, breezy and energising and it won Gold for Best Deodorant last July in the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2017.

elsa's natural deodorant

Elsa’s Deodorants Ingredients

Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods natural deodorants are made with certified organic ingredients, are 100% natural and contain no toxins, no aluminium and other nasty ingredients. They are also suitable for vegans as they don’t contain beeswax or any other animal ingredients. They are not tested on animals, only on humans, so great for those who use only cruelty-free products.

In addition to that, Elsa’s deodorants don’t contain bicarbonate of soda which some people react to. And you won’t find any alcohol in them either!


The formula is super concentrated so you don’t need to apply much for it to work.

Just a word of warning – to use it you need to leave it on the skin for a few seconds before swiping it as otherwise, it will drag the skin. This softens the stick and makes an application easier. I didn’t find this an issue and this is something the brand doesn’t hide, in fact, they mention this on the packaging.  So, maybe this is a slight negative of this product but if you are after all-natural deodorant which works, you shouldn’t find that a problem. And I much prefer using a deodorant stick rather than a paste from the tin so I am fine with it.

My experience of using Elsa’s deodorant in ‘Dew’

As mentioned above, Elsa’s deodorant certainly works. This means no unpleasant odour at the end of the day, no stinkiness!

The deodorant doesn’t only kill the odour but it also provides your skin with soothing ingredients without blocking the pores. Saying that I would be careful using it straight after shaving as essential oils may irritate your skin. Everybody is different though and you may not have any reaction at all but to be on the safe side, wait 24 hours after shaving before applying it. Or you could buy the ‘Sensitive’ version which helps to heal the skin and it’s perfect after shaving.

I know some people like deodorants that help them stay dry but I haven’t found a natural deodorant that would do that for me yet, including Elsa’s deodorant. But I really don’t expect natural deodorants to work like that as sweating is a natural body process and how can you stop that?? However, Elsa’s deodorant does contain some ingredients which are supposed to reduce the wetness, for example, arrowroot powder.

Just keep in mind that Elsa’s deodorants could leave stains if you apply too much, so use sparingly! But if you still get some stains on your clothes, not to worry, they can easily be removed using Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap or eco-friendly washing powder.

Elsa’s Deodorant in ‘Dew’ – The final verdict

All in all, I can easily say that Dew is one of the best natural deodorants that I’ve ever tried and I am happy to recommend it to anyone looking for an all-natural deodorant that works.

Have you tried any of Elsa’s natural deodorants yet? Which one is your favourite?

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