JOIK Anti-Age Rejuvenating Eye Contour Cream Review

When it comes to eye creams, so far I haven’t found one which would make a significant difference to my eye area. They all promise all kind of things, such as anti-ageing, diminishing fine lines, etc. but from my experience, they don’t really do much apart from moisturising the skin around the eyes. So I keep trying different brands and creams to find the one that would really wow me and make my eye area look younger than it is.

A while back when I was deciding on what natural eye cream to try next, JOIK Anti-Age Rejuvenating Eye Contour caught my eye. I received it as part of the LoveLula accredited blogger program (free of charge) but after finishing my first bottle I decided to purchase it myself. After many months of using this eye cream, I now have a good idea of what it can do and what it can’t do. Here is my honest review…

JOIK Anti Age Rejuvenating Eye Contour Cream


The first thing I always check before buying a product is its ingredients. Joik eye cream seemed to have all the right ingredients that would help tackle fine lines and improve the appearance of eye area. Here are the main active ingredients and their properties:

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (aloe vera) – moisturising
  • Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (argan oil) – helps to moisturise, refine and minimise fine lines and wrinkles
  • Squalane (olive derived) – emollient properties, helps prevent moisturise loss
  • Glycerin – moisturiser
  • Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil – helps to regenerate the skin, anti-ageing
  • Organic extracts of liquorice, cucumber, apple and cornflower – brightening properties

Just to mention that 99.92% of ingredients found in this eye cream are of natural origin and 25.07% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. The cream itself carries Cosmos Organic certification, certified by Ecocert and it’s also vegan.

JOIK Eye Contour cream promises the following:

Smoothes fines lines & wrinkles | reduces dark circles & puffiness

So, did it work for me? I have some fine lines and dark circles which just don’t seem to go away and I was hoping this cream would help. Here is how I got on…


My review

The cream is lovely to use, it’s lightweight, absorbs quickly and easily and doesn’t leave any greasiness behind.


I am not a fan of its scent though. It doesn’t smell of anything in particular, it’s kind of neutral but with a bit of smell that I cannot explain. However, I got used to it quite quickly and didn’t think of it too much after a while.

The most important thing about JOIK Eye Contour cream is the ability to smooth fine lines and minimise dark circles. When I was using it for months, I could barely tell the difference. I think after a while I did notice some slight improvement on my fine lines but not so much on my dark circles (I would use it twice a day).

To see whether this eye cream really did anything for my eye area I stopped using it after I finished the last bottle and I didn’t start testing another eye cream. The verdict? Now I could actually really tell that JOIK Eye Contour cream was doing something. When I am not using it, my fine lines are definitely more pronounced and even my eyelids (where I used to apply it) look a bit saggy.

I think keeping your eye area well moisturised (using the right ingredients) is really important and definitely helps with fine lines and overall skin health. This eye cream certainly works to some extent but don’t expect miraculous results.

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