How to Work Out Without Damaging Your Skin

You may have heard that the skin is the biggest organ in our bodies. And as such, we need to take care of it if we want to feel and look good.

The great news is that exercise is not bad for your skin per se; in fact, regularly working out and doing both endurance and strength training can have a positive effect on the health of the skin and make it shiny and more glowing than before. The main reason for that is the fact that training helps us get rid of the extra stress we carry, which typically leads to all kinds of skin issues – from adult acne to psoriasis. 

Having said all of that and not denying the obvious health benefits of working out, we also have to mention that the constant sweat combined with the heavyweights can also lead to some damage to our skin.

Especially the skin on our hands, and that’s usually more sensitive to any outside factors. Along with that, training outside and in the sun can be damaging to our body’s biggest organ if we don’t take care of it. 

That’s why, in this article, we will be talking about how you can protect your skin while working out so that you can keep getting your daily exercise without compromising other parts of your health. 

3 Things You Should Do to Protect Your Skin

In the below paragraphs, we will be discussing three must-dos that you have to incorporate into your routine in order to ensure your skin is healthy and glowing, not only when working out but also throughout the entire day. 

Always Wear Sunscreen

In recent years, we’ve all learned that applying sunscreen on a daily basis is a must. After all, daily sun exposure without protection can not only lead to burns, it can also further damage our skin barrier and lead to far more complex issues and even skin cancer.

The best way to ensure our skin is protected is by applying and reapplying an SPF 30 or higher a few times per day, especially during summer or when we expect to spend more time outside.

Additionally, if you sweat heavily or participate in a water sport, it’s a good idea to invest in a waterproof SPF that can withstand those conditions and continue keeping your skin safe. 

Shower After Every Sweaty Session

Even though you might not smell and your clothes might be “kind of” clean, showering directly after a sweaty workout is a must. That’s due to the fact that by sweating, you create a wet and warm environment in which bacteria will grow. Because of that, having a quick rinse to remove the built-up sweat, oil, and germs is key, especially if you tend to be acne-prone and you deal with pimples on the face and the body.

Here, it’s also important to note that moisturizing is also vital, as if you shower on the daily or multiple times per day, your skin will get drier, and it can potentially lead to a damaged skin barrier if you don’t moisturize often and with the right products.

Use Tape and Straps for Protection

If you easily get cuts or your skin gets quickly calloused, then tape, gloves, and straps might turn out to be your best friends, especially if you lift weights.

Exercises such as the pull-up, the deadlift, and any other kind that requires you to hold on to any bar with your hands can be damaging to the soft skin we have there. And that’s especially true for women, who tend to have skin that’s more susceptible to harm and who are more likely to want to keep it softer.

The only way to take care of the issue is to try to prevent it from happening as much as possible – if it’s a cut or a scrape, then some tape will protect it from getting more damage, and if you get callouses, then you have to consider getting fitness gloves or straps, with the fist option being better and more protective, even if it messes up your grip and might make it weaker.

In Conclusion

We all work out in order to look and feel better, and our skin is a large part of that self-confidence. If we deal with any skin issues or if they get worsened by our training regime, then that might lead to us giving up on our fitness journey.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you take those first steps to take care of your skin so that you never feel like you’re compromising one part of your health for the benefit of another. The reality is it’s the simple and consistent steps that make the biggest difference in the end – so don’t worry too much, stick to the basics, and we’re sure the desired results will come.

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